The Water Crisis

Who's still having a water crisis?


The top image is a map of cities that ABC News says have ongoing water crises in the US in 2022.

The bottom image is a map of US cities no longer being covered in main stream media who still feel that their in a water crisis as of 2022.

The Safe Drinking Water Act allows the EPA to set the standards for safe drinking water. These standards legally allow only so much of certain contaminants in public water supplies.

With the rise of water issues in the US, it's come to light that those standards affect different communities differently. This has brought up the argument that maybe no percentage of contaminates should be allowed in our drinking water.

So, one of the issues that keeps the US water crisis from being solved is the fact that the criteria for what's considered clean or safe water to drink and clean with isn't completely clear.

That lack of clarity affects if or how much the media is willing to cover a story. The less coverage means less public knowledge, which leads to fewer people rallying around communities and supporting a solution.