About us

God is our heart. People are our passion. Design is our skill. Water is our gift.

Purpose (Why) - God

We aspire to love people like God and people drink water.

Vision (What) - Community

We unite communities who value people around the fight for clean and safe water for all.

Mission (How) - Product Design

We use our skills and experience in design and fashion to create stylish apparel and products that bring attention to the water crisis, while using a portion of the profits to help solve it.

Inspiration - Flint

Because of our experiences with the Flint water crisis, we know what it's like to feel undervalued, unheard, and forgotten. Within that experience we also saw what the power of community can accomplish. We're using the power of community to end the water crisis using what we do best, design and fashion.

Founder & Creative Director - Terrin Bryant

The granddaughter of the first black real estate broker in Flint, MI, Terrin carries on his legacy of using entrepreneurship and economic empowerment as a tool for social justice.